For Students

The Ideal Environment For

Getting Life Experience

Live with driven and ambitious people who are operating companies and scaling products to millions of users and gain insights from their learnings along the way.

Tailored For Your Needs

We've been where you are, so we know what you care about in a home.


Work and Play

Have meaningful conversations and gain insights about life and career while having fun with games and events.


Flexible Terms

We want to support your learning and growth, so we offer flexible terms to accommodate your needs.


Scholarships Available

We work with the Co-x3 Family to financially support students who want to benefit from this opportunity.

When you're moving to a new city, or looking for a change in your current way of life - we need the right people around us to succeed.

Grow exponentially with the right mentors

Live and learn with members who care about their work, life, hobbies, relationships, and the future - and love to share insights and best practices to help you level up.

Collaborate on interesting projects

Get valuable opportunities to learn and work with technologies and concepts that impact millions of users around the world.

Key Features

How we make your stay more comfortable.


Welcoming Environment


Convenient Location


Inclusive Community Events


High Speed Internet