Weiting T.

CEO at Lucid Experiences

Our recent stay in Osaka was an experience that blended relaxation with exploration. Despite being located away from the bustling city center, the tranquil atmosphere of the area, coupled with the hosts' gracious hospitality, made our stay truly memorable.

We were offered invaluable recommendations for onsen experiences, local delicacies, and activities in the surrounding area. Thanks to our insider knowledge, we had the privilege of meeting numerous locals and visiting small business owners who served authentic delicacies.

The location offered a peaceful retreat that allowed us to unwind and appreciate the serene beauty of Osaka's outskirts. The provision of a car further enhanced our mobility, allowing us to explore the hidden gems of the region at our own pace.

Overall, our stay was nothing short of magical. The unwavering hospitality, coupled with the tranquil setting and authentic experiences, made it a trip to remember.


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