Cozy For Singles or Couples - Japanese Bedroom In Izumisano w/ Free Car

Ideal for singles / couples on a budget. Immerse yourself in the fusion of tradition and innovation with our unique Japanese suite, perfectly crafted for the modern traveler who appreciates finesse and functionality.

Our suite is meticulously equipped with all the essentials to ensure a stay that is both comfortable and authentically Japanese.

  • Double Size Japanese Futon Bed with Traditional Bedding
  • Cozy Sitting Area
  • Functional Workdesk and Chair
  • Mini-Fridge
  • Dimmable Lights
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14,000 YEN
10,000 YEN / night
Room Available
Nov 1, 2023
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Short Term
< 3 Months
Room Size
200 sqft

We have 2 locations near Kansai Intl. Airport (KIX) in Osaka: Izumisano and Sennan.

  • 15-minute drive from Kansai Intl. Airport
  • Walking distance to convenience stores
  • Nearby sushi places and local eateries
  • Private bathroom & toilet
  • Shared lounge area with free drinks
  • Private kitchen on second floor
  • Laundry is also available if needed
  • Free car included with stay
Vivian F.
Interactive Artist & Photographer

Our Retreat

Learn more about the house we call home.

The Retreat is a maker's space that fosters interdisciplinary art and technology, designed for travelers seeking a comfortable and inspiring environment to feel at home and foster creativity and collaboration. We've thoughtfully repurposed a traditional residence into a distinctive co-living space, offering a unique environment for creating, drawing inspiration from your neighbourhood, and sharing ideas with fellow travelers.

It's not just a place to stay; it's a space where you can truly immerse yourself in the creative process and connect with like-minded individuals.

Modernized Japanese property

✨ Free parking with car for use (Kei and Full Size Cars Available)

✨ Near Kansai International Airport (15 min drive)

Tatami mats for traditional sleeping and western beds available

✨ Common areas to co-live and co-work

✨ Well equipped kitchen for all our cooking needs

Weekly events to help you level up

Level Up With...

Our members who are currently living in this house.
Conrad L.
Founder At Co-x3
Learn More
I’m passionate about helping people level up.
Vivian F.
Interactive Artist & Photographer
Learn More
Storyteller designing memorable experiences.
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Vivian F.


You're not just finding a room. You're joining a family.

Thank you for the lovely stay! I really really love staying at the house (makes me feel at home in SG) and love the warmth and hospitality : ) Hope I can be back soon and chat more with everybody!

JJ Erpaiboon

Chief of Staff at The Radical Fund

I had very pleasant interactions with everyone at The Castle during my stay! The hosts were more than accommodating to my busy travel schedule and could not have been kinder or more considerate. If I was to change something, it would be to stay longer next time!

Erlend O.

AI Engineer

Our recent stay in Osaka was an experience that blended relaxation with exploration. Despite being located away from the bustling city center, the tranquil atmosphere of the area, coupled with the hosts' gracious hospitality, made our stay truly memorable.

We were offered invaluable recommendations for onsen experiences, local delicacies, and activities in the surrounding area. Thanks to our insider knowledge, we had the privilege of meeting numerous locals and visiting small business owners who served authentic delicacies.

The location offered a peaceful retreat that allowed us to unwind and appreciate the serene beauty of Osaka's outskirts. The provision of a car further enhanced our mobility, allowing us to explore the hidden gems of the region at our own pace.

Overall, our stay was nothing short of magical. The unwavering hospitality, coupled with the tranquil setting and authentic experiences, made it a trip to remember.

Weiting T.

CEO at Lucid Experiences

Honestly, since day 1, it has been a positive experience in all aspects. It is an amazing place to stay focused and living with people like Conrad with similar mindsets have allowed me to further have a solid foundation of who I am and what I want to do. It has helped me cultivate habits I have always wanted to and allowed me to beat the bad ones. I highly recommend this place for anyone seeking a fulfilling and transformative stay.

Stefan S.

Co-Founder At GuardRails

I had a fabulous time staying at the Castle. From the day I arrived, I felt welcomed and surrounded by a vibrant community. I shared meals with the other guests, from whom I learned a great deal about various fields and cultures, making my stay truly enriching.

The space itself is beautiful, tucked away in a very green and quiet garden. The warmth, light, greenery, modern facilities, live-in helper, and of course, Haku the CHO, provided everything I needed to feel at home.

I can highly recommend the Castle to anyone looking for a sociable, rewarding, and hassle-free short-term stay.

Sarah P.

Global Brand Strategist At TikTok

My recent stay at Our Family Without Borders was an incredible and unique co-living experience. The large villa accommodated 7-8 individuals, fostering a strong sense of community where I had the pleasure of meeting amazing people and engaging in enlightening conversations.

From business advice to coffee discussions, game development, and countless other topics, I learned a lot during our long dinners and late-night conversations. Sharing meals was a heartwarming gesture that brought us even closer together. The space was not only conducive to productivity but also incredibly comfortable.

Conrad's vision in creating this communal home and bringing together such diverse and inspiring individuals is commendable. It's an ideal place for those who enjoy stimulating conversations, meeting people from different backgrounds, and seeking a co-living experience that goes beyond the ordinary. I would rate my stay a perfect 10/10. Thank you, Family Without Borders, for an unforgettable time.

Sudharshan B.

Co-Founder at Periphery Labs

Finding a calm, family-oriented atmosphere in a foreign place and having a turn-key setup was a game changer for feeling established quickly upon arrival. It was further bolstered by being surrounded by knowledgeable housemates of diverse backgrounds.

Ben G.

Founder & Engineer

Absolutely loved my stay at this co-living space! The founders' community here is fantastic, fostering meaningful conversations over shared meals, runs, or spontaneous encounters within the house. Conrad has done a remarkable job streamlining administrative tasks, making the experience even more enjoyable. Highly recommend!

Bolong C.

Founder & CEO at Solar AI

I was first introduced to Our Family Without Borders when I visited Singapore for a few months as a student. The Castle provided me with a comfortable and welcoming environment that helped me feel at home right from the start. I learned a lot from the housemates and it was an unforgettable experience that helped me grow and made me think about life in ways that I had never considered before. The housemates were friendly and supportive, and we had many stimulating conversations that broadened my horizons.

I loved the house dinners that brought us all together from the cooking to the eating. It was a great way to bond with the other housemates and learn about their cultures. I would love to help create more spaces like this, so when I got a chance to be a host for The Creator's Retreat in Osaka, Japan, I jumped at the opportunity.

Vivian F.

Interactive Artist & Photographer

This has been an amazing stay for me. I have truly enjoyed every moment of this. I hope to pick up a thing or two from you all like the clarity in communications, the dedication and methodical approach towards self-improvement, the hunger for new learnings etc.

Thank you so much for making me feel at home all this while. You guys have been an inspiration and I am truly grateful for being able to spend time at this place.

Smit P.

Co-Founder & CTO At EthosX

I shape my life through interesting conversations, so the Castle is in general a pretty life-shaping place for me.

It's pretty great to bounce wild speculative ideas and crazy world models off of the people there and have everyone run with them, critiquing and going further. The Castle's one of those rare environment where all the people can't stand talking about the weather.

Particularly shaping for me are Conrad (who is ridiculously disciplined and rigorous about systematizing decision processes) and Kan (who's so damn direct and problem solving-focused on whatever's in front of him). Assuming you're the kind of person who feels more fed by ideas than food, find a way to meet these people.

Yustynn P.

CS PhD Student

Having lived in many co-living spaces before, this experience has drastically upgraded my understanding of how communal living should be.

It's more than a place to sleep. It's a place to engage with people who genuinely care about helping each other and having meaningful conversations that drive significant value. It created a strong sense of community and really made it feel like home.

As a digital nomad, I’m always on the move. But no matter where I may go in the world, any time I need a place to live, I know where I'm going - home.

Michal K.

Investor, Advisor and Builder

I joined the community because I wanted to be in the company of intellectual, passionate people who are trying to realize their potential. What I got was so much more. From the moment I stepped in, I felt at home and became part of an amazing family.

There have been very stimulating intellectual conversations (e.g. mental models, growth hacks) and deep emotional and personal experience sharing.

If you are driven, and have a hunger to learn, experience, and grow, you'll fit right in.

Abhi K.

Global Director in Tech

The only regret I had moving out of Co-x3 house was “Why didn’t I move in earlier?”

The people who are part of this community are some of the most curious, ambitious, and collaborative people I have met.

I would highly recommend the space and community to anyone looking to surround themselves with great people in one of the most convenient locations in Singapore.

Aseem T.

Founder At Give Asia

I've been a part of the Co-x3 Family for months before I knew I had to move across the world to build my startup. It was serendipitous to learn that there was a co-living house where I could stay with growth-minded people and learn faster together.

As a newcomer to Singapore, the connections I've made here have been extremely valuable to make new friends and potential business partners. There's always a special magic in our events that allows people to open up about meaningful topics within hours of meeting each other - I haven't come across anything close.

Tamir S.

Founder At Strive Math

Living here has been one of the top highlights of my time working abroad. I came into Singapore with no guidance and support, and I found all of this at the house. With such a wonderful community, it became so much more than just a home.

I’ve had the most engaging and intellectual conversations while simultaneously playing video games, bonding with the other housemates and learned more about myself and my passions through these discussions than I’ve ever had before. I was able to co-work in this space amongst unique and driven individuals and continued to be inspired to challenge myself everyday to meet my self-development goals. If you’re looking for a collaborative and engaging community that exudes warmth, this is the place for you.

Alex Q.

Masters Student At Stanford

Joining this community has been an absolute game-changer for me. While my workplace serves as a sounding board for career-related ideas, this co-living space has become my go-to sanctuary for discussing personal growth and life strategies with like-minded individuals.

One of the standout benefits has been gaining a clear understanding of the areas which I'm growing and those where I need to focus more. It's helped me organize my thoughts in a way that empowers me to recognize patterns and proactively steer my life's journey.

I couldn't have asked for a better start to my life in Singapore. Life became significantly easier once I was part of this nurturing social circle. Not only did I escape the loneliness that often comes with relocating, but I also felt safer and more grounded, thanks to the lifelong connections I made here.

Nishit A.

Quant Trader At Graviton

I first stayed in the Castle when I was doing my studies at NUS. My intention to join the community was purely based on my thrive towards honest exchange. I wanted to converse with people who were simply open to share.

In this community, you are not limited to the conversations of every day, but expand to topics as diverse as emotions, life hacks, and the intricacies of creation. I learned to listen more than talk and complementarily think to achieve my goals.

If you are open to sharing about your challenges and tackling them to grow, this is the perfect place to be at.

Leonard P.

Co-Founder At Deasie

I had the pleasure of living with these wonderful individuals when they started The Castle, and really got to experience what co-living could offer. A believer in lifelong learning, I got to explore and participate in many different topics through conversations over dinner, mindful discussions, guest sharing sessions, and workshops.

It is a great environment for folks who enjoy stimulating conversations, meeting people from different backgrounds, or just looking for a fun co-living experience! Words can’t describe how much I enjoyed my time there, but numbers can, 10 / 10.

Aaron C.

Software Engineer At OSRF

No matter where I go in the world, I know that I will have a home - surrounded by family who are eager to support each other on our shared journey of learning and growth. The best part about living with Our Family Without Borders is constantly having opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions where we can unlock aha moments, and find ways to be helpful to others. And for me, that's happiness.

Conrad L.

Founder At Co-x3